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Personal Coaching

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Significant changes in our lives sometimes cause a temporary personal crisis, which can be an opportunity to review our life. At these times, we can feel that we are being held back, scared of what the future may hold or worried that we will fail. Emotions may become intense and behaviour may change with adverse effects on ourselves and potentially those around us. My work based from professional insight and compassion, can help navigate through these challenges in a more supported way.

The types of situation I work with include divorce, separation, bereavement, beginning or end of a relationship, sexuality, adjusting to step-family or in-laws, redundancy, change of careers/jobs, depression, crisis of meaning, mid-life crisis, purpose, existential crisis among many.

I offer a series of six coaching sessions to my clients. We start by meeting for a quick introduction session, understand what you would like to be different and to understand each other a little better. If we feel happy to proceed, then we will contract for six sessions to progress to achieve your goal. If after the first block of sessions we feel that another block is needed, this can be discussed and agreed if appropriate. Fees are agreed in the first session based on market rates.

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