Matthew Burdock

Professional and Personal Coaching


Increasingly, people are turning to coaching for impartial, confidential support, either personally or professionally to:

improve effectivness
change direction
manage crisis

In our society where achievement is paramount, where we move so quickly to the next thing and being seen to be strong is important, sometimes we can feel that the demands of work, family, responsibility and commitments can overwhelm us. The breakdown of community has lead to more people feeling increasingly isolated in their own troubles. Life itself can change so quickly around us, we can find it difficult to adjust or be at our best.

My role is to act as a guide to try to help through these difficult times.

I love the sea as one of my inspirations. Just like life, it can change from raging tempest to a tranquil millpond. Water is associated symbolically with the emotions. It came to me one day that rather than being caught in the currents of life, I would prefer to be able to move through my emotions with speed, agility and effortless skill. I would rather be aware, considered and reposition myself rather than being controlled by my emotions and thoughts. These reflections inspired me to train in psychotherapy and become a coach.

Matthew Burdock offers Psychosynthesis Coaching